Friday, September 8, 2017

Researcher @ University of Texas made pen can determine cancerous tissue in 10 seconds...

This device known as the MasSpec Pen uses the distinctive properties of cancer cells to differentiate them from healthy tissue. Cancer tissue significantly grows and spreads in an aggressive manner when compared to healthy ones.

Because of this pen, excision of a tumor can be safer, faster and more precise. Tests show precision at 96% of the time, according to Science Translational Medicine.


The pen is used to deposit water droplets by placing it to a "suspected cancer". Chemicals from the cells are absorbed into the droplets, then back into the pen to be examined. This allows the doctor to tell whether they are looking at cancerous tissue or healthy ones.

Usually, it's quite a task locating the border between cancer tissues and regular tissues. In some cases its easy,  in others it's too difficult. Ideally, the doctors can make sure all cancer is removed wielding this pen. Taking out too little of the cancer just means whats remaining will develop into another cancer. Taking out too much however, can be detrimental especially in areas like the brain. the pen definitely satisfies a clinical need.

This easy to use and sophisticated piece of technology may be available to surgeons pretty soon.


  1. Oh wow, a device that identifies cancerous tissue using mass spectrometry in seconds? This is brilliant. It could actually reduce time on the operating table and the risk of additional surgeries. I hope it becomes available soon.