Tuesday, September 12, 2017

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Can aspirin cause regeneration of rotting teeth?

Tooth decay is caused by diet and oral hygiene deficiencies. When you visit the dentist s(he) would usually put in fillings in the cavities to prevent further damage and pain. New research has emerged from Queen's University Belfast which found that using aspirin to fill cavities can reverse the the effects of tooth decay.
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In a nutshell (according to Medical Daily);
"Aspirin offers an alternative to restoring rotting teeth by enhancing the function of stem cells in the teeth to jump start the regeneration of the damaged tooth structure. The use of low-dose aspirin to treat stem cells was found to significantly increase mineralization and the expression of genes responsible for forming dentine — a hard tooth structure that is damaged by decay. In other words, aspirin stimulates stem cells in the teeth so it can self-repair without the need for fillings."

The drawback, however, is that in order to administer aspirin treatment for the time it'll take for the regeneration process to complete researchers need to identify an effect delivery system so the drug can be released over the necessary period of time.

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Present treatments of tooth decays use fillings made from porcelain, silver, gold or composite resins. The more severe cavities require crowns and root canals. This procedure may need to be carried out several times but if this treatment with aspirin is perfected the tooth itself can regenerate so we won't need to permanently have foreign objects in place of our teeth.

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